FAST ART TALKS WITH FREYA: Series 6 – Donatello & Vasari

COMING SOON Next series: Two artists: Donatello & Vasari

The Palazzo Strozzi is currently housing an exhibition dedicated to the great Renaissance master sculptor Donatello and so I thought opportune to dedicate two presentations to this most skilled artist of the human psyche.

Tune in when best suits you!

  1. Donatello I
  2. Donatello II
  3. Giorgio Vasari I – The Artist
  4. Giorgio Vasari II – His Lives of the Artists

Each presentation will be delivered through the zoom platform. A link will be sent to your email the day before for connection on Thursday.

If unable to attend either of the two times on Thursday, I will send through a recording.

The six week series costs 90euro – or – 15euro per talk

Dates: TBC

Each presentation is. stand-alone talk and so it is possible to tune after the series has already started.

The presentations are delivered through the zoom platform. If it is not possible to attend the 10am or the 8pm session I can send through a recording to watch at your leisure.