On occasion of the much awaited film 'The Innocents of Florence' (Friday 17th May 9pm) we are offering a one-off special event tour!

The republic of Florence of the 1300s & 1400s is referenced for great wealth, business activity, creativity across all art media, and often ruthless acts. However the city’s mercy and charitable organisations, many of which have stood the test of time and are functioning institutions for the under-priviledged in the modern world of today, were cutting edge, social entities.

They survived and thrived, due to the fascinating paradox of the Medieval and Renaissance shrewd Florentine merchant mind and the Christian and humanist concern for duty, the soul and the citizen.

On this tour we discover of some of the most interesting sites in Florence, both past and present; the Oratory of Saint Martin, the Orsanmichele church, the Misericordia & the Ospedale degli Innocenti.

Meeting place:


We will meet at 10am in the church of San Carlo in via calzaiuoli (opposite the church of Orsanmichele).

Cost: 30euro per person

The above cost per person includes:

– the tour for 2.5hours

– each guest will receive an individual headset to hear the guide clearly (if group size is greater than 6 people)

– the adult ticket admission to the Ospedale degli Innocenti museum.


The maximum group size is 20pax (minimum 10pax).

The tour in English language. The tour in Italian is possible upon prior request and according to demand.


How to pay for the tour: Payment for the tour is made on the day in cash directly to the guide

On occasion of the much awaited film premiere The Innocents of Florence by the director and producer David Battistella at the cinema della Compagnia on Friday evening 17th May, Sara and Freya have decided in collaboration with David, to offer a one off special tour in Florence to take place the following day.

The tour will take place on Saturday morning 18th May and is dedicated to discovering some of the welfare and mercy institutions in Florence finishing with a tour of the Ospedale degli Innocenti museum.

We will discuss who the members of these institutions were, the roles and duties they carried out and we will have a look at their headquarters, often overlooked treasures in the historical centre.

Come with Sara and Freya on Saturday morning to live first hand the places discussed and described the evening before in the movie as well as discovering more related and little understood mercy structures born in the past and still ever-present in today’s society. Live the history and experience the art of these gems!