Made in Italy: Shopping, Style, Artisanal, Fashion

Florence fashion history, local artisan tradition, personal shopper

We have expert fashion guides who are extremely knowledgeable about the history of Italian fashion.

These tours can equally be for the lover of fashion as well as the repeat visitor to Italy who loves the culture and wishes to continue to discover the numerous facets of Italian life that make us return time and time again.

We can organise tours which:

  • specialise in understanding the local artisanal tradition and the local artisans.
  • are centred on the history of the local Florentine and Italian internationally renowned fashion houses as well as some fashion history from the Renaissance period as seen in the art in the historical centre.

Discover the fascinating history of some of the most important Italian contemporary fashion houses, many of whom are home-grown in Florence. 

Discover the history of the fashion houses, the story behind their foundation and the creative minds who made them and continue to make them, into the global style setters they are today. The walking tour takes place in the historical centre in the fashion district walking down Renaissance streets.

The tour will also be spiced with some fashion history from the late 1400s and 1500s when Florence was the influencer for Europe as a whole in terms of fashion, style, etiquette and business. We will duck into some special places to see some masterpiece Renaissance art work to see what some of the wealthiest men and women were wearing in the day.

Are you interested in discovering the local and extremely talented artisans?

Discover the true ‘Made in Italy’ visiting some of the workshops of the artisans who add the life and soul to Florence. Paper decoration and book binding workshops, semi-precious mosaic tradition, leather craftmanship, contemporary and traditional jewellery and so much more…

This walking tour visits some of the workshops, often hidden from street view,  where you will meet the people who make first hand the products for clients world-wide. It is a wonderful way to understand what Florence craftmanship truly is and what ‘local Florence’ is about.

Another option is to book a PERSONAL SHOPPER: Are you interested in incorporating some Italian style into your daily life and have your Italian experience continue beyond your holiday itinerary?

We have an expert personal shopper on our team who can direct you to the Florentine stylists, artisans, designers and artists that you dream of finding and would like to discover but need the specialist and local knowledge of a person passionate about shopping, style and design to guide you to find the way.

We will send you some questions to answer before the tour date in order to have some specific information from you before the tour date (interests, taste, etc) to maximise the time spent with our shopping expert.


The meeting place is determined on the itinerary that we plan for you according to your interests.

All tours that we organise are private. We do not organise group tours.

The cost of the three hour tour
270€ when you book for up to 5 people
285€ if you are booking for 6-9 people
300€ when you book for 10 or more people

The cost of the four hour tour 
360€ if you are booking for up to five people
380€ if you are booking for 6-9 people
400€ when you book for 10 or more people

The cost of the six hour tour
540€ if you are booking for up to five people
570€ if you are booking for 6-9 people
600€ when you book for 10 or more people

Payment for the tour can be made in cash at the end of the tour directly to the guide, or via paypal with an additional 5% to cover the paypal fees. Tours booked within ten days of the date of the tour must be paid in advance by PayPal.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations made less than 48 hours prior to the tour start time require full payment.
Cancellations made within a week of your tour date will require half payment

What days can this tour run?

-The traditional artisans are in their workshops and atelier Monday – Friday, rarely do they work on the weekend. So an artisan tour is possible on weekdays.

-A tour centred on the history of fashion or a personal shopper service is possible any day of the week as most shops are open Monday – Sunday.