The Uffizi Gallery

Masterpiece paintings from the medieval, renaissance and post renaissance periods.

Option 1

The Uffizi Gallery... a picture tells a thousand words

DURATION: 3 hours

The tour can be also extended to explore other Italian and European masters. There is a gallery coffee shop which provides the perfect space for a break mid-tour.

DESCRIPTION: One of the oldest museums in the world, the Uffizi contains the principal protagonists of the Italian renaissance, providing visitors with a thorough overview of the period as we weave our way chronologically through history with art as our guide.

TICKET RESERVATIONS: We make the ticket reservations for your party in advance. A 4 euro booking fee is applied by the gallery for the timed-entry entrance payable at the time of ticket reservation. We collect payment for this in advance and pay it to the gallery at the time of reservation. It is non-refundable and non-transferable once paid to the gallery.

The ticket admission fees are paid on the day upon entering the gallery with the guide.

Minors under 18 years of age will need to present a digital copy of their passport as proof of age upon entry to the museum for reduced admissions (needed for 13-17years inclusive).


Tuesday is the busiest day of the week as the galleries are CLOSED on Monday. During the very busy tourist season we strongly advise to avoid booking this tour on Tuesday. If you must visit the galleries on Tuesday, we recommend a start time of 8.30am.

During the busy season there is very often a queue in the reservation area on any day of the week as well as the unreserved door, due to the numerous large groups and the sheer number of people with reservations for any given time. There is no further way to avoid this wait in the reservation area. In order to ensure a high quality standard for our tours and to limit this frequent, and sometimes quite long, wait in the reservation area, we recommend avoiding having the reservation entry time between 9:00am-3:30pm. We therefore, recommend an early morning start (the gallery opens at 8:15am) or a late afternoon visit, at 3:30pm.

Option 2 – VASARIAN CORRIDOR – CURRENTLY CLOSED (no official date released from the gallery as to when it will reopen) 

The Uffizi gallery and the Vasarian corridor…follow in the Medici footsteps


DESCRIPTION: Visit the great masterpieces in the Uffizi gallery and then walk through the private outdoor covered walkway of the Medici family which connected their office building(the Uffizi) to their Granducal palace  (Palazzo Pitti). It is called today the Vasarian corridor after Giorgio Vasari, the court’s artistic director who planned and oversaw its construction in 1565. The entrance is from inside the Uffizi gallery and one exits the corridor  into the Boboli Gardens of the Palazzo Pitti. The walls are lined with paintings, some of the family’s collection from the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, as well as the largest collection of self portraits of artists in the world.
There is no better way to step into the shoes of the grandukes of Tuscany than walking their most exclusive skywalk.


Option 1

The meeting point of the tour will be determined upon booking.

Option 2

The meeting point of the tour will be determined upon booking.

All tours that we organise are private. We do not organise group tours.

OPTION 1: Uffizi gallery tour (3 hours)

€420 for parties of 1-5 people (excluding admission fees)
€480 for parties of 6-9 people (excluding admission fees)
€540 for parties of 10 people or more (excluding admission fees)

We do recommend a 3 hour tour of the Uffizi gallery for interested guests who love a good story and are interested in the Medieval and Renaissance periods because time flies by when visiting this gallery! However, the tour length can be adjusted to 2.5 hours if necessary. So please let us know your preferred tour length when requesting a tour.

ADMISSION FEES to sites are not included in the hourly rate. Admission fees to be paid on the day at the ticket office with guide cash (euro) or credit.

The Uffizi Gallery requires ticket reservations in advance so as to avoid waiting in the very long unreserved queue. The reservations will be made prior to the tour date by Freya’s Florence. In the high season however, there may be an avoidable short wait in the reserved queue due to the busy period.

Uffizi Gallery Admission Fees 

Uffizi Gallery Ticket Costs:
March 1st -October 31st: Full price admission costs €29pp (ticket €25, reservation fee €4).
November 1st – February 28th: Full price admission costs €16pp (ticket €12, reservation fee €4).

Early bird discount for entry earlier than 9:00am: the adult admission with timed-entry costs €23pp (ticket €19, reservation fee €4). This means that we make a timed-entry booking at 8:15am / 8:30am / 8:45am

The admission fees (tickets) are paid on the day upon entering the gallery with the guide, cash (euro) or credit.

Children from 6-17 years inclusive have free admission but reservation fee must be paid, €4.

Children under 6 years old are free and no reservation is necessary.

European Union students 18-26 years old are eligible for the reduced ticket, a student card is necessary for proof of enrollment in an institution.

Digital copy of passport (paper copy or original) must be shown as proof of age for free/reduced tickets to the ticket office staff upon ticket purchase.

*Admission fees are subject to change.


Reservations for Timed Entry

Tickets to the Uffizi Gallery will be reserved in advance by Freya’s Florence so as to avoid the long wait in the unreserved queue. Due to the very busy tourist season there is often an unavoidable short wait in the reserved queue also. There is no ulterior way other than the reservation that we make to avoid this.

The gallery reservation fee is €4 per person for timed/priority entry and requires payment in advance as we are charged at the time of making the booking. We will send you a SumUp invoice for the cost of the reservations.


Groups of 4 or more people will require headsets, necessary for most of the museums and recommended for city walks due to surrounding noise.

Freya’s Florence will book these in advance and they will be distributed at the beginning of the tour and used for the entire duration of the tour. For parties up to 15 people the total cost for a half day hire is 30€ or for a full day tour the cost is 40€.


OPTION 2: Uffizi gallery tour & Vasarian Corridor (Vasarian Corridor IS CURRENTLY CLOSED & no date has been released by the gallery for reopening) 

Please note: The Vasarian corridor admission cost before it closed in 2016, was €483 as a flat rate for 1-12 people. The museum has not disclosed what cost it will be when it next reopens. This fee was for the one hour walk through the corridor entering from the top floor of the Uffizi gallery and exiting at the Boboli gardens. Payment for the corridor must be made to the gallery in full before the tour date. We will make the booking for the corridor and send you the payment details. The fee increases for parties of 13 or more people and prices will be sent upon request.



Please note:

The Uffizi Gallery is CLOSED on Mondays.

On the FIRST SUNDAY of the month between APRIL – NOVEMBER inclusive all state museums in Italy are free without the possibility of making a ticket reservation. As a consequence, we don’t offer tours of the uffizi gallery on these Sundays as the queues are long to enter.

The Uffizi gallery will also offer free admission on 25th April & 2nd June so nor do we  organise tours at the gallery on either of these two dates.


Cancellation Policy:

Cancellations made less than ONE WEEK prior to the tour start time require full payment.

Cancellations made within TWO weeks of your tour date will require half payment.

Tours proceed in inclement weather.

Gallery fees paid in advance for the timed-entry ticket reservations are non-refundable & non-transferable once paid to the gallery. SumUP handling/service fees are non-refundable.


Reduced Ticket Admission Fees for Minors under 18yrs of age:

Under 18 years are free to state museums (Accademia, Uffizi gallery, Pitti Palace, Bargello sculpture museum) however, the original passport or a copy (paper or digital) of the passport is the necessary document to show as proof of age at the ticket office of each museum.

Ticket reservations are necessary ahead of time at the Accademia gallery, the Uffizi gallery, the Medici chapels so as to avoid the very long lines of unreserved visitors. Freya’s Florence will make these reservations when the sites are included in the tour itinerary. All visitors over 6 years old must pay the 4€ for the reservation fee.

Under 6 years are not required to have a ticket nor reservation.

There are reduced admission costs at other sites in the city upon showing proof of age.